Do Something

One day I was in a huge crowd during lunch time. I only knew a few people in the crowd.
I sat down and started eating. Then I noticed a man sitting alone in the middle of the crowd. I thought about the man and felt sorry for him. I really didn?t want to get up and move. But I kept thinking about him. Finally I picked up my lunch and sat with him. We talked the rest of the lunch time, and he seemed to enjoy our conversation.
Many people think it is enough to go to church and know the Bible. But our Bible Reading today tells us that God wants us to do more than just pay attention to His Word. Verses 23 and 24 say, ?If you hear God?s teaching and do nothing, you are like this: You are like a man that looks at his face in the mirror. The man sees himself, but he does nothing. He goes away and quickly forgets how bad he looked.?
God wants us to read His Word and then do something. Look for ways to reach out to other people today.