Do the Right Thing

One day someone gave me a big bag of clothes. When I got home, I couldn’t wait to open the bag and look at the clothes.
As I looked through the clothes, I saw a really cute shirt. I planned to wear it the next day. After I put the shirt on the next morning, I noticed a small symbol on it. I knew this was something my parents would not let me wear.
But I really wanted to wear that shirt! I kept saying to myself, “Should I wear it? Maybe my parents won’t even notice!” Finally I decided to ask my dad. He said that I should not wear the shirt.
At first, I was upset. Then I realized that I had done the right thing. I knew that God would be pleased with me. Verse 31 of our Bible Reading today reminds us that we should do everything for God’s glory.
I hope you will choose to obey God and do right things today.