Do What is Right

Our Bible Reading today is a psalm written by Asaph. In these verses Asaph talked about wicked people. In verses 3-4 he said, “I saw that wicked people were successful. I became jealous of those proud people. Those people are healthy. They don’t have to struggle to survive. Those proud people don’t suffer like us. They don’t have troubles like other people.”
I think most of us have the same thoughts that Asaph had. We wonder why we should bother doing right when evil people seem to be successful. Asaph was suffering (verse 14a). He wondered why God was not blessing him.
Then Asaph learned a good lesson. He said (verses 23-24), “I have everything I need! I am with you always. God, you hold my hand. God, you lead me and give me good advice. And later you will lead me to glory.” Asaph learned that it is much better to be close to God than be successful on earth.
God rewards good and judges evil. He will bless you forever if you do what is right!