Do Your Best

The company where I work decided to close my entire department and transfer me to a new group. I liked my job, and I didn’t want to change. I had two choices: I could have a bad attitude and complain, or I could accept the new job and do my best.
The Israelites were forced out of their homes and sent to another country. They had to leave behind everything they owned. Probably many Israelites complained and had a bad attitude.
In our Bible Reading today, God sent a message to the Israelites. He told them to accept what had happened and do their best in the new land. God even told them to “do good things for the city I sent you to. Pray to the Lord for the city you are living in” (verse 7a).
Often we must face situations that we do not like. It is easy to complain and feel sorry for ourselves. Instead, we should do our best and ask God to bless our situation.