Doing Good

One day my friend invited me to go to Disneyland with her. I was really excited! A year later, I had a chance to go to a music concert. I knew my friend loved this music, so I asked her to go to the concert with me. My friend did something nice for me, and then I did something nice for her.
That is what Paul is talking about in our Bible verses today. If we choose to do bad things, we will receive something bad — eternal death. But if we choose to obey God and continue to serve Him faithfully, we will receive His good gift of eternal life.
In verse 9, Paul encourages these Christians to continue doing good things and not give up. Sometimes it is hard to keep on following God. But that is what He wants us to do.
Think about good things that you can do for other people today. Then be happy and do those things for others. God will bless you as you serve Him and others.