Doing Good

Many people have done kind things for my family and me. One time my husband was out of work. Christian friends brought us bags of groceries. Some of my friends have been good listeners when I needed someone to talk to. Others have been faithful to pray for me when I asked for prayers. Often my friends have given me rides when I needed transportation to go places. One of my very special friends got out of bed in the middle of the night. She came and prayed with me when I was very sick in the hospital emergency room.
I remember these kind things that my friends did for me. These things show me that my friends love me. That is how we show our love – by our actions. It is not good enough to tell someone that we love them. We need to show that we love them. If we say that we love them and then do not do kind things, we are telling lies.
Take time today to think of ways to show your family and friends that you love them. Be a servant to your brothers and sisters in Christ. “We must not become tired of doing good” (6:9a).