Doing Right (2)

Yesterday we learned about King Hezekiah of Judah. He wanted to follow God and do what was right.
The people in Israel had not been following God. So Hezekiah invited them to come to Judah and celebrate the Passover (a special Jewish feast). God’s law said that the people should do certain things before they could eat the Passover. But some of the people who came to celebrate did not prepare themselves the right way. Why? Because they did not know God’s law.
So King Hezekiah prayed for these people. In verses 18-19 of our Bible Reading, Hezekiah said, “Lord God, you are good. These people truly wanted to worship you in the right way, but they did not make themselves clean like the law says. Please forgive those people.” Verse 20 tells us that God forgave the people. This was another example of King Hezekiah doing what was right.
I hope that you will make the right choices today. Remember that you will please God if you do what is right.