Don’t Be Afraid

Many Bible verses tell us that we should not be afraid. Why? Because God will take care of us.
But I still spend a lot of time worrying. I worry about getting through college, making money and trying to please other people. I worry so much that sometimes I am mentally and physically tired. I keep trying to control everything in my life.
Through my Bible study, I have learned that God has complete control over my life. I have asked God to help me focus on Him, instead of focusing on my problems.
In our Bible Reading today, Paul talked to Timothy. Paul reminded Timothy of his faith in God. Then in verse 7, Paul said, “The Spirit God gave us does not make us afraid. He is our source of power and love and self control.”
We need to depend on God’s Holy Spirit to control our lives every day. Then we won’t be worried or stressed out. If you start to worry today, ask God to help you trust Him.