Don’t Be Upset

In several verses of Psalm 37, David reminds us to not be upset. Verse 1 says, “Don’t get upset at evil people.” Verse 7b says, “Don’t be upset when bad people succeed. Don’t be upset when bad people make evil plans and their plans succeed.” Often we read about the bad things people do. But these verses remind us that we should not be angry with these people. “Why? Because evil people will be destroyed” (verse 9a). God will punish evil people.
Jesus is the perfect example of someone who did not become upset. The Bible tells us that people beat Jesus, they spat on Him, they mocked Him and finally they killed Him. But Jesus did not become upset.
Often we become upset, and that causes us to do other things that are wrong. Verse 8b says, “Don’t become so upset that you also want to do bad things.” Jesus teaches us to love and forgive our enemies.
Maybe you have a co-worker who does bad things to you. Or maybe a family member is always bothering you. Don’t become upset. Ask God to help you be like Jesus.