Don’t Complain

My two sons do not live close to me. So I am very happy when they are both able to visit me. One time I had planned for my sons to come for dinner. I bought special foods for the meal.
Then I saw on the news that a snowstorm was coming. I kept watching the weather reports to see when the storm would arrive. Finally the weather service issued winter storm warnings. I was so disappointed to think that my sons might not be able to come for dinner the next day. I started complaining, and I became a grouchy person.
The next morning there was no snow, and the news said that the storm would arrive later. My sons were able to come for dinner. I praised God, and then I realized that I needed to ask Him to forgive me for my complaining.
In our Bible Reading, Paul reminded the Christians in Philippi to do “everything without complaining or arguing” (verse 14). Praise God today instead of complaining.