Don’t Fear…Trust!

Some people think when they become a Christian, nothing bad will ever happen to them. Or they believe that God will bless them with good health and wealth. But we know that sometimes bad things happen to good people.
David had many bad things happen to him. His enemies — King Saul, other nations and even his own sons — were constantly trying to kill him. David wrote Psalm 56 after the Philistines attacked him. These verses are David’s prayer to God for help.
David’s enemies wanted to kill him. Also, David said that they “are always twisting my words. They are always making plans against me” (verse 5). These people wanted to destroy David’s reputation as well as kill him.
Most of us today do not have enemies that are trying to kill us. But sometimes people make fun of us and try to ruin our reputation. We should be like David and not be afraid. We can trust God in every situation.