Don’t Give Up!

One of the worst times in the history of Israel was in 597 B.C. At this time the Babylonians defeated Israel and took many Israelites from their homes. These people became slaves in Babylon.
In our Bible Reading today, the prophet Jeremiah sent a message to these people in Babylon. He told these people to go on living — to build houses, settle the land, plant gardens, get married and have children, and pray for the cities where they were living.
Probably many of these Israelites living in Babylon felt like giving up. They were far from their homes, and they were living among people who worshiped other gods. But God did not want them to give up. Instead He wanted them to grow in numbers and live peacefully.
Sometimes we face problems in life and we want to give up. We feel sorry for ourselves and we want others to know how much we are hurting. But that is not how God wants us to act. Allow God to help you grow through your circumstances today.