Don’t Give Up!

Sometimes we become discouraged and feel like giving up. Maybe you are looking for a job, but you can’t find one. Or maybe you are sick and the doctors don’t know why. Or maybe you have prayed that someone will accept Jesus, and they continue to reject Him.
God doesn’t want us to quit. He wants us to keep obeying, serving, helping, sharing and witnessing for Him. God never promised us that life would be easy. But He did promise that He would be with us and strengthen us.
In our Bible Reading today, the writer faced many difficult times. But he didn’t quit. He knew that he couldn’t defeat his enemies alone, so he trusted God to help him. In verse 10 the writer said, “Many enemies surrounded me. But with the Lord’s power I defeated my enemies. Enemies surrounded me again and again. I defeated them with the Lord’s power.”
Maybe you are facing problems today. I hope you will be like the writer of this psalm and trust God. Remember that God will always keep His promises and be with you.