Don’t Give Up

I read about an athlete who ran in a race many years ago. He was so sure he would win the race that he had his victory statue built even before he ran the race! That athlete was a very confident man.

Sometimes we may not feel confident in our Christian life. We may face struggles and things that try to stop us from doing what we know we should do. We may slow down for awhile or even be tempted to give up.

The writer of the book of Hebrews wanted to strengthen and encourage his readers. In Hebrews 10:35-36 he reminded them to have courage and patience. “So don’t lose the courage that you had in the past. Your courage will be rewarded richly. You must be patient. After you have done what God wants, you will get what he promised you.”

When bad things happen, God does not want us to give up. He wants us to trust Him and keep on loving and serving Him. God will help us when we face tests and trials. He will use these bad times to teach us and strengthen us.

No matter what happens today, do not give up! God will help you succeed and look forward to His promise of eternal life.