Don’t Look Down!

Jesus’ followers were in a boat on the lake. Jesus came to them, walking on the water. Our Bible Reading tells us that Peter said to Jesus, “Lord, if that is really you, then tell me to come to you on the water” (verse 28b).
Peter had faith, so he stepped out of the boat. While Peter was thinking about Jesus, he was fine and walked on the water. But then Peter saw the wind and the waves. He took his attention off of Jesus. Then Peter started to sink. I can imagine Jesus saying to Peter, “Don’t look down! Don’t look down!”
It is easy for us to criticize Peter. We see that Peter’s faith was weak. But Peter had enough faith to step out of the boat. And when he was sinking, he was humble and asked Jesus to save him.
We need to have faith and follow Jesus every day. But often we look at people and things in the world and our faith becomes weak. When this happens, we need to be like Peter and ask for help.