Don?t Love Things

There are many wonderful things for us to enjoy in this world. But some of these things can stop us from following Jesus.
In verse 15 of our Bible Reading, John said, ?Don?t love the evil world or the things in it. If a person loves the world, the love of the Father (God) is not in that person.? John continues in verse 16 to list some evil things in the world: 1) Wanting things to please our sinful selves; 2) Wanting the sinful things we see; and 3) Being too proud of the things we have.
God gives us things to enjoy here on earth. He wants us to use these things to serve Him. But God doesn?t want us to love these things more than we love Him. Maybe God blesses you with a new car. You can use the car to take people to church. Or you can take meals to people who are sick. These are things God wants you to do. But if you spend all your time washing and polishing your new car, then you are loving things in the world.
Be sure that you use your possessions to serve God.