Don’t Stay Mad

I have two six-year-old daughters. Sometimes they like to ignore our rules and disobey me. When this happens, I sometimes lose my patience and yell at them. But soon we forgive each other and start laughing and talking again.
My daughters have helped me understand two important lessons. First, I have learned not to stay mad. When people offend me, my first thought is that I don’t want to see them again. But that is not the right attitude. If I stay mad at someone, I will miss the times of fellowship that we could have had.
The second thing I have learned is that God is not happy when I sin. But He does not ignore me. He offers me His forgiveness and encourages me not to sin again. Then we can enjoy fellowship again. In our Bible Reading today, Isaiah talks about God’s anger and love for His people.
Are you mad at someone? Don’t stay mad and ignore them. Instead, forgive and make peace with them.