Don’t Wait

Many people use their time wisely. They set aside time for Bible study, going to church or helping others.
But some people do not use their time wisely. Instead, they delay making a decision to follow God or delay using their time to serve Him. In our Bible Reading today Paul spoke to the Roman governor, Felix. Paul told Felix about Jesus. “But Felix became afraid when Paul spoke about things like doing right, self-control, and the judgment that will come in the future” (verse 25a).
These verses seem to indicate that Felix knew that he should change his life and follow God. But he was afraid. So he told Paul, “Go away now. When I have more time, I will call for you” (verse 25b). The Bible does not tell us if Felix ever decided to follow God.
Maybe you know that you need to follow God. Don’t wait — give your life to Him today. Or maybe you know that you need to use your time to serve God. Don’t wait — start serving Him right now!