Don’t Wait

In August of 2001, I was involved in a head-on crash. My face hit the windshield with a force of 75 miles per hour. When I hit the windshield, my glasses saved my eye but tore off my eyelid. Doctors performed plastic surgery three times to repair my face. I had over 800 stitches in my face. But I was so thankful that God saved my life. This experience made me realize that life can be very short.
Most people think that my accident was something terrible. But I disagree! I think the accident was something good. Why? Because soon after the accident, I heard a man say that our lives are very short. He said that all people need to make a decision to follow Jesus. That night I gave my life to Jesus.
Before my accident, I knew about Jesus. But I had pride in my heart. I only wanted to have fun in life. I thought I could follow Jesus later. My accident helped me learn that I can have fun by following Jesus.
Don’t wait to follow Jesus. Follow Him today.