Don’t Worry

My sister called me with bad news. She told me that our mother had fallen and cut her leg very badly. My mother is elderly. She uses a walker to help her get around. I knew that this kind of injury would make walking even more difficult for her.
We live about 70 miles away from my parents. My husband was not feeling well. It bothered me that we could not go to the hospital and see my mother. I was really frustrated. I wanted to do something! I tried to think of ways to help the situation. Finally I realized that the best thing I could do was to pray.
I prayed for my mother and her injury. I prayed that God would be with my father and keep him calm. I knew that God paid attention to my prayers. I knew that He would take care of my mother and father.
Is something causing you to worry today? Are you nervous or afraid? Talk to God. He cares about you and He will help you.