If I have a match, I can only use it one time. After I use the match, I cannot use it again to start a fire. Our lives are like a match. God only gives us one life on earth. So we should live a life of service to Him.
My favorite Bible person is a woman named Dorcas (also called Tabitha). Our Bible Reading tells us that Dorcas did good things for others. She gave money to help poor people. Dorcas also made coats and other clothes for people. Dorcas lived a life of service to God.
Dorcas was probably not wealthy or famous. But she showed God?s love to other people. When she became sick and died, Peter brought her back to life. Dorcas truly was God?s servant.
God lets each of us live here on earth for a short time. We should not use our time to become rich and famous. Instead we should use our time to serve God and other people.
Be like Dorcas. Think about ways that you can serve God today.