Doubting God

A couple of years ago, I moved to a new place. I didn’t know any people there. I starting thinking about all the scary things in my life, and I forgot God’s promise to guide me. I began to doubt God and His goodness.
Genesis, chapter 3, tells us about Adam and Eve. God put them in a beautiful garden where they could eat the fruit from every tree except one. The devil came to Eve and tempted her to eat from that special tree. Eve started doubting that God had good things planned for her. So she ate the fruit and gave some to Adam to eat. Because Adam and Eve doubted and disobeyed, God removed them from the beautiful garden.
Maybe you are doubting God today. Maybe you don’t believe that He will take care of you. Repent of your doubt and remember all the good things God has done for you. He will continue to do more good things for you today.