I like to watch birds outside my window. I have a feeder, and many birds come to eat there. But I especially like to watch doves.
If there are little birds with the doves, the doves never chase them away. Sometimes bigger birds will start a fight with the doves, but the doves don’t seem to like to fight.
Doves are mentioned several times in the Bible. The first time is in Genesis, chapter 8. Noah sent a dove out of the boat to search for dry land. In our Bible Reading today, we learn that when Jesus was baptized by John the Baptizer, the Holy Spirit came down on Jesus. Verse 22b tells us that the Holy Spirit “looked like a real dove.”
Doves are often used to represent “peace.” When Jesus came to earth, He brought a special peace to people. That peace comes from knowing that our sins can be forgiven through Jesus. Then we can truly be at peace with God.
Take time to thank God for the peace that Jesus has brought to your life.