Driving (1)

When I drive my car, sometimes the windows become very dirty from mud, dead bugs and dust. Most of the time, I get used to the dirt, and I don’t notice it anymore.
When I drive away from the sun, I don’t see the dirt on the windshield. The dirt is still there, but my eyes don’t see it. I can still see through the windshield, so I ignore the dirt.
But if I drive toward the sun, what happens? I can see all the dirt! The sunlight exposes the mud, dead bugs and dust that have collected on my windshield. Then it is hard to see through the windshield. When this happens, I stop and clean the windows of my car.
My dirty car is like our lives. We all sin. Our sins are like dirt. If we do not pay attention to God and His Word, we don’t see the dirt (sin) in our lives anymore. That’s why we need to keep focused on Jesus. Our Bible Reading today reminds us to follow and obey Jesus.
I want to keep my car windshield clean. And I want to keep my heart clean, too. I can do that by focusing on Jesus!