Driving (2)

One time I drove my car and another car followed me. The people in that car did not know how to go to a certain place. So I led them.
Sometimes this can be difficult. If there is a lot of traffic, it may be hard for the car that is following to keep up with the leader. If I have to lead someone in my car, I am very careful. I make sure that the person following me can always see my car. When I need to turn, I drive slowly so they can see where I am going. If I drive fast, they might get lost.
I am a Christian. It is my responsibility to be a good example for other people. I know that other people watch me. They may copy my actions or accept the things I accept. I need to be very careful. Why? Because sometimes I sin. If another person follows my example, they may sin, too.
In our verses today Paul told Titus to “do good things to be an example in every way” (verse 7b). Someone may be watching you today. Be sure to live your life for Jesus!