Driving (3)

It is not good to have distractions while you are driving. But I notice that many people are distracted while they drive their cars.
Driving distractions may be lots of traffic, a passenger who is trying to talk to the driver, or a driver who is talking on his phone or texting. These distractions can be bad. Why? Because the driver needs to keep his eyes focused on the road, not on something else. It is very dangerous when drivers stop paying attention to their driving.
Now think about your life. Maybe you want to follow Jesus, but distractions get in the way. These distractions may be your job, your friends, the money you earn or the ways you spend your time. Even a small distraction can take your focus off God and cause you to sin.
When I drive, I need to focus on the road. In my life, I should focus on Jesus. He is the example I should follow and the “leader in our faith” (verse 2b).