Driving (4)

I have heard many stories about people who have run out of gas. They forgot to fill their gas tank or they didn’t realize that their gas tank was almost empty.
I have never run out of gas with my car. But what would happen if I were to run out of gas? I might be stranded on the side of a road, many miles from a gas station. Running out of gas is never fun. It may require hard work to get more gas. And, I may arrive late at my destination.
Sometimes we “run out of gas” in our spiritual lives. God is our fuel. We get this fuel by praying, reading the Bible and fellowshiping with other Christians. Our Bible Reading today tells us how Christians in the first century got their spiritual fuel. They did this by learning God’s teachings, sharing with each other and praying together.
We need to keep our hearts full of God’s love and commands. Don’t have an empty spiritual tank. Stay close to God!