Driving (5)

If you are driving and it becomes dark outside, what do you do? Probably you turn on your headlights. When I drive at night, I want my headlights to be on. Why? So I can see where I am driving.
Sometimes the car’s lights warn me about an animal that is crossing the road. My headlights help prevent me from having an accident. I need lights so I can see the road clearly.
In verse 5 of our Bible Reading, we learn that God is light. So in my spiritual life, God is like the headlights on my car. When I am living close to Him, He shows me the right way to go in life. God gives me wisdom to make right decisions. If I ignore God, it is like driving at night without lights. Then my life is dark, and I don’t know where I am going. I become weak, and I sin.
God wants us to stay close to Him. Why? Because He loves us so much! He wants to lead us every day and give us His peace. Most of all, God wants us to accept His gift of salvation through Jesus.
Let God show you the right path in your life!