Early Church (2)

Yesterday we learned that Christians in the early church met together every day. They were devoted Christians.
The second sentence in Acts 2:42b says, “They (believers) used their time to learn the teaching of the apostles.” The apostles were men Jesus chose to be His special helpers. The believers paid attention to the apostles. They learned from the teaching of the apostles. The believers respected the apostles.
Today there are many pastors and teachers in our churches. These people use their time to teach us about God. We should use our time to learn from these pastors and teachers in our churches. We should pay attention to their teaching. And we should respect these people. Why? Because they work hard to teach us.
I am thankful for the pastors and teachers who have taught me about Jesus. I am a Christian today because of their teaching. You should be thankful, too. Be like the Christians in the early church. Pay attention to your pastors and teachers.