Easy Life

Many people think that if they are Christians, they will have an easy life. But that is not true. Christians will face problems in their lives.
In our Bible Reading today, Jesus sent His followers out in a boat on the lake. During the night a storm came on the lake. Jesus walked on the water to the boat. The followers were afraid, but Jesus told them to not worry.
Jesus knew that His disciples would face a storm and be afraid. Yet He sent them out in the boat. Why? So they could experience His power. Matthew 14:33 says, “Then the followers in the boat worshiped Jesus and said, ‘You really are the Son of God.’”
God may not give us a life of comfort and ease, but He does want us to be obedient and righteous. So don’t grumble or be frustrated when bad times happen. Keep following God and looking forward to spending eternity with Him.