Ecclesiastes (1)

The book of Ecclesiastes is an Old Testament book of Hebrew poetry. We do not know for sure who wrote this book. Throughout the book, the writer calls himself the “Teacher.” Many people think that King Solomon wrote the book of Ecclesiastes. The writer talks about being a king of Israel and having great wisdom and wealth. These things certainly describe King Solomon.
As you read the book of Ecclesiastes, you will realize that the writer is trying to find answers to his questions. In verse 2 of our Bible Reading today, the writer asks the question, “Do people really gain anything from all the hard work they do in this life?” At the end of Ecclesiastes, the writer tells us what is most important in life. But as we go through the book, we can learn several important lessons that Christians should follow. Tomorrow we will start to look at these lessons.
Thank God today for the lessons we can learn from the Bible.