Ecclesiastes (5)

In our Bible verses today, the writer shows us the importance of friendship. He says that it is good when people work together. “Two people are better than one. When two people work together, they get more work done” (verse 9).
As I read these verses, I think about two people traveling together long ago. As they walk, the two of them can get more work done. They can also help each other if they stumble and fall. When they sleep at night, they can keep each other warm. And if danger comes, they can defend each other. Then the writer goes on to say that three people together are even better than two. They are like a strong rope made of three strands.
I feel happy when I think about my many friends. Some have worked with me. Many friends have prayed for me and encouraged me. A few friends have protected me when I was in danger.
God has blessed you with friends. Thank Him today for people who help and encourage you.