Ecclesiastes (7)

In chapter 7 of Ecclesiastes, the writer includes a list of wise teachings. These teachings are very similar to those written by King Solomon in the book of Proverbs.
Verses 7 through 9 give us some wise teachings that are good for us to follow. Verse 7 talks about bribery. Bribery may seem to be the easy way to get something done. But it only makes people act foolish and stupid.
Verse 8 reminds us that when we start something, it is important for us to finish it. And this verse also tells us that it is “better to be gentle and patient than to be proud and impatient.”
Verse 9 talks about anger. We should not become angry quickly. Why? Because “anger is foolish.”
I encourage you to read all of Ecclesiastes, chapter 7. Then use these wise teachings in your life today.