Some Jewish leaders were called Pharisees. They spent many hours studying God?s laws. Why? Because they wanted to understand and obey God?s laws. However, the Pharisees studied God?s laws so much that they forgot what God really wanted them to do. The Pharisees worried about obeying God?s laws perfectly. They argued about silly things.
The Pharisees did more than just study God?s laws. They made their own laws. One law was that a Jew could not eat an egg that a chicken laid on the Sabbath Day, the Jewish day of rest. The Pharisees said that laying an egg was work. They believed that no one should work on the Sabbath, including chickens! I think that God didn?t want the Pharisees to worry about obeying silly rules. God wanted the Pharisees to love and obey Him.
We shouldn?t worry about little things like the Pharisees did. Instead, we should focus on loving and obeying God. He loves you. Love and serve Him today.