Elephant Ears

My mother loved flowers. One large plant in her flower garden was called an elephant ear plant. The large leaves of the plant looked like elephant ears. Sometimes these leaves grew to be two or three feet long!
When you see an elephant, you probably notice its large ears. An elephant’s ears help it to hear. But its ears also have another purpose. An elephant’s ears help it to cool down when it is hot. When an elephant flaps its ears, blood flows faster through its body and makes the elephant cooler.
An elephant cannot decide to move to a cooler place. But God gave elephants ears to help them be comfortable even if it is hot. Sometimes we cannot change the difficult things that happen to us. But our Bible Reading today tells us how we can accept the things that happen in our lives. Verses 16-18a say, “Always be full of joy. Never stop praying. Give thanks to God at all times.” If you will do these things, you can change your heart.