Eleven Stars

Joseph was the son of Jacob. Joseph had eleven brothers. In our Bible Reading today, we learn that Joseph had two dreams.
In his second dream, Joseph said he saw “the sun, the moon, and eleven stars bowing down” to him (verse 9b). Both of Joseph’s dreams foretold that one day his eleven brothers would bow before him.
What Joseph saw in his dreams came true many years later. Because of his brothers’ hatred for him, Joseph ended up in Egypt. Joseph followed God, and God helped Joseph be successful. Finally Joseph was made one of the rulers of Egypt. He was also in charge of giving out food during a time when there was only little food to eat.
Joseph’s brothers traveled to Egypt to buy food, but they did not recognize Joseph. They bowed down before Joseph and asked him to sell them some food. Joseph’s dream had come true!
Joseph was always careful to obey and serve God. We should follow Joseph’s example today!