Emperor Penguins*

One kind of penguins called emperor penguins live all year at the South Pole where it is very cold. Sometimes it is 40 degrees below zero and the winds blow at 100 miles per hour.
The female penguin lays one egg at a time. Immediately, the male rolls the egg up on his toes and covers it with a fold of his belly skin. The male penguin knows that he must faithfully keep the egg covered and warm. If he drops the egg, it will never hatch. If the male penguin keeps the egg warm, it will hatch in 62 to 63 days.
Paul taught us about faithfulness in our Bible Reading today. We must be faithful, even in times of trouble and difficulty. Paul wrote about a time in the future when we will all be judged. He urges us to continue doing what is right. The Lord has promised to reward us if we are faithful.
The future of the penguin race depends on the male penguins being faithful. Our future in heaven depends on us being faithful to God. I encourage you to continue being faithful today.