Encourage Others

I have been in some scary situations in my life ? like moving to a new town or meeting new people. God has always helped me through these situations.
Often God uses other Christians to encourage me during these scary situations. When I am with other Christians, I do not feel alone. When many Christians come together, they can stand strong for God.
If I am in a dark room and have a small candle, there is only a little light. But if I am in a dark room where many people have lighted candles, we have a big light.
It is the same in the church. Christians need to meet together and help each other. Verse 25a of our Bible Reading says, ?We should not quit meeting together. That?s what some people are doing. But we should meet together and encourage each other.?
Maybe you will be facing a scary situation today. Depend on other Christians to help and encourage you.