Encourage Others

Before Paul became a Christian, he was called Saul. He did not like Christians. He searched for Christians and put them in prison. Saul even approved of killing Christians. But one day, Jesus appeared to Saul as he was traveling to the city of Damascus.

Saul paid attention to Jesus and became a Christian. Our Bible Reading tells us that then Saul went to Jerusalem. But the people in the church there did not believe that Saul was a true Christian. They were afraid of him. But “Barnabas accepted Saul and took him to the apostles” (verse 27b). Barnabas helped the apostles understand that Saul truly was a Christian. In this way, Barnabas encouraged the church in Jerusalem.

God wants us to encourage other people, too. We can encourage others by praying with them, eating a meal with them, studying the Bible with them or doing something kind for them. Look for ways to encourage others today.