My family and I were traveling on the interstate. It was time to stop for lunch. My husband pulled into a rest stop where we could eat the lunch we had brought with us.
I decided to visit the restroom before we ate. At most rest stops, the restrooms are not clean. I was happy to see that these restrooms were very clean. As I left the building, I saw an older woman leaning on a mop. She was standing next to a cleaning cart. She didn’t seem to notice the people walking by.
As I walked by the woman, I said, “It sure is nice to have clean restrooms.” The woman looked at me, stood up straight and smiled. She looked like a younger person, filled with hope. The woman said, “Thank you,” and I walked away. I believe that woman was encouraged by my words.
Look for opportunities today to encourage other people. Show them God’s love through your words and signs.