When we go to a football game or a basketball game, we encourage our team. We do this by shouting, clapping and waving our arms in the air. We want our team to win. Even if our team loses, we still go to the next game and encourage them.
Acts 4:36a says, “One of the believers was named Joseph. The apostles called him Barnabas. (This name means ‘A person that helps others.’)” Some Bible translations say that Barnabas’ name means “encouragement.” Barnabas must have been a person who encouraged and helped other people.
Our Bible Reading today tells us about a time when Barnabas encouraged Saul (later called Paul). Saul was a new Christian. Many people did not believe that Saul was really following Jesus. Barnabas accepted Saul and took him to the apostles. After that, Saul stayed with the Christians in Jerusalem.
We should encourage other people, too. We can do nice things for our family members. We can send cards and e-mails of encouragement to friends. We can tell our co-workers that they are doing a good job. Be an encourager like Barnabas today.