Encouraging Words

A woman and her two neighbors sat on the front porch of her house. They talked about people’s health problems. A young teen came near the women and sat down. After a while, the young woman told the group that her grandmother was very ill, too. One of the women stopped talking long enough to say, “She is?” Then the woman continued her conversation.
The young girl sat and listened. Finally she stood up and said, “I am sorry I interrupted your conversation.” Then the girl left. I was one of the women on the porch that day. Later I thought about the girl. I was so ashamed that we had been rude and uncaring.
That day my friends and I should have encouraged the young girl. We could have shared Bible verses with her. We could have offered to fix a meal for the family or visit the grandmother in the hospital. But we didn’t!
Our Bible Reading today reminds us that we should share, show mercy and love, and be humble. I hope you will do these things today.