My house was a mess! There was paperwork on the desk, laundry on the floor and dirty dishes in the sink. I was just too busy to get all my housework done. My house was my enemy!
Our Bible verses today talk about enemies. David wrote about the enemies who chased him. But God helped David defeat his enemies. In verse 42, David said, “I beat my enemies to pieces. They were like dust blowing in the wind. I crushed them into small pieces.”
David’s enemies were armies and people who were trying to kill him. But you probably have enemies in your life, too. Maybe your enemy is a bad habit that you can’t give up or a temptation you can’t resist. Or maybe, like me, your enemy is some work that you can’t finish.
No matter what your enemy is, God can help you overcome it. He will give you strength and a way to defeat your enemy. Ask God to help you today.