Sometimes I wonder what the Christians in the early church were like. Were they super-Christians who never did anything wrong? Or were they people like you and me?
Our Bible Reading today tells a little about a man named Epaphras. I think he was like many people today. Epaphras probably had struggles in life just like we do. But we do know that he was a “servant of Jesus Christ” (verse 12).
These verses also give us more information about Epaphras. First, he prayed for other Christians. Second, verse 12 tells us that Epaphras wanted other Christians to “grow to be spiritually mature and have everything that God” wanted for them. And third, Epaphras worked hard at serving God (verse 13).
We should want to be like Epaphras. We, too, have the power of the Holy Spirit and God’s Word to help us. Follow the example of Epaphras today!