Ephesians Prayer (2)

Yesterday we learned about Paul’s prayer for the Christians in Ephesus. Today we will look at some things Paul taught about prayer.
In verses 10 through 17 Paul reminds us that we need to be protected by God’s armor. We need to have the belt of truth, the protection of right living, the Good News of peace, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit.
Then in verse 18, Paul shows us how we should also pray. “Pray in the Spirit at all times. Pray with all kinds of prayers, and ask for everything you need. To do this you must always be ready. Never give up. Always pray for all of God’s people.” Paul doesn’t say that we should pray when we feel like it. We should pray all the time. And we should pray for whatever we need and never give up!
Do you pray every day? Do you pray for other Christians? Take time right now to talk to God. Thank Him for His love and protection.