Esther (2)

Yesterday we learned about Queen Esther. She was a beautiful and intelligent woman. God made her queen so that she could save her people, the Jews, from destruction.
To save the Jews, Esther had to approach the king and ask for his help. This was a dangerous situation, because if the king did not want to talk with Esther, he could kill her. To prepare for this, Esther asked the Jews to not “eat or drink for three days and nights”(verse 15b). Then God saw that the Jews truly wanted Him to help Queen Esther. God helped Esther and gave her courage to speak to the king. Esther was willing to risk her life so that the Jews could be saved.
God had an important job for Esther. And He has an important job for each Christian, too. God wants us to share the Good News about Jesus with the whole world. We can do that with God’s help.
Ask God to help you today as you tell others about Jesus.