The book of Esther is a wonderful story about a young Jewish girl, Esther. King Xerxes chose Esther to be his queen. Esther and her cousin, Mordecai, learned that a man named Haman wanted to kill all the Jews. Esther and Mordecai helped the king find out about Haman’s evil plan. King Xerxes hanged Haman and saved Esther and all the Jewish people.
In our Bible Reading today, Mordecai reminded Esther that God was using her to save the Jews. In verse 14b, Mordecai said, “…who knows, maybe you have been chosen to be the queen for such a time as this.”
Sometimes we may not understand God’s plan for our lives. But our job is to obey and follow God. He will lead us and use us to serve Him.
Be like Esther today. Allow God to use you to reach out to people who need to know about Jesus and His gift of salvation.