Esther (3)

For the past two days we have learned about Queen Esther and how she saved the Jews from destruction. She was a brave woman, and God had a special plan for her life.
Our Bible verses today tell us how Esther became queen. Many young women were chosen to compete for the honor of being the queen. “Hegai was in charge of the kings’ women. He liked Esther. She became his favorite, so he quickly gave Esther beauty treatments and special food” (verses 8b-9a). When the women were presented to the king, he “loved Esther more than any of the other young women, and she became his favorite” (verse 17a).
Through all of these verses, we can see that God was working in Esther’s life. He helped her succeed and fulfill His plan. God has a plan for your life, too. Maybe right now you don’t understand His plan. But God will work in your life and help you do great things for Him.
Trust God like Esther did! God will help you succeed.