Eternal Life*

Our Bible Reading gives us more reasons why we should believe in Jesus. Yesterday we learned that believers have victory. Today’s verses tell us that believers also have eternal life.
John says we know Jesus is real. We know Jesus is real because of His baptism and His death. We know that He is real because of the Holy Spirit. Remember that John was probably there when Jesus was baptized (Mark 1:9-11). He heard God’s voice say, “You are my Son and I love you. I am very pleased with you.” John was also on the mountain with Jesus when He appeared with Moses and Elijah (Mark 9:2-13). John was there when Jesus was crucified (John 19:25-27). John saw the power and importance of Jesus’ resurrection.
When we believe in Jesus, we believe what God has told us. God tells us that we have eternal life in Jesus. When we belong to Jesus, we have the true life ? the only life that is important.
Put your trust in Jesus today and live eternally.