Evergreen Tree

Several years ago I lived in a town where a family had a very tall evergreen tree in their front yard. It was so tall that people could see the tree from far away. The people who lived there strung thousands of brightly colored Christmas lights on the tree every year. This was their way of showing other people that they were celebrating the birth of Jesus.
It is good for Christians to show other people that they believe in Jesus. But you don’t need Christmas lights on a tree to show that you are a Christian. You can sign or talk to people you know. You can tell them why Jesus came to earth as a baby. You can share with them about God’s plan of salvation through Jesus.
Our Bible Reading today reminds us that we should share the good news about Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection. We should also help preachers and missionaries who go other places to tell people about Jesus. Look for ways today to help people “hear” the Good News!